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1141482011-09-25Hengstberger-Symposium "Towards Digital Earth 3D Spatial Data Infrastructures"
286122011-09-27ESF Exploratory Workshop "Laser Scanning Spatial Data Infrastructure (LaSDI)"
376362010-11-16EGU 2011 Call-for-Papers
455022011-12-07HydroLaser - Acquisition and Analysis of LiDAR Data in Physical Geography
549852010-07-08ISPRS TC VII Symposium: 100 Years ISPRS - Advancing Remote Sensing Science
647922009-11-01OPALS - New Software for Airborne LiDAR data
746342010-10-23Hengstberger Prize 2010
844382011-03-29Solar potential assessment of building walls
940902010-07-10Urban vegetation detection in Vienna
1040322009-10-21The Sun - an endless Source of Energy?
1139992009-10-25Trees - Challenge of Detecting Urban Vegetation
1239892009-10-23Global Change - Climate Change
1339822009-12-12GIS goes Medicine
1439522010-05-053D Stone Sutras in China
1539412009-09-28Lidar in Geomorphology
1637882011-04-03Large-Scale Spatial Hedonic Price Models Using Laser Scanning Data
1736452013-01-31New Point Cloud: Reconstruction of a traditional Nubian house, Assuan
1835412009-10-15Stem Volume Estimation possible with Airborne LiDAR Data
1935182013-02-27ISPRS Laser Scanning Workshop 2013, Antalya, Turkey, 11-13 Nov 2013
2032582011-08-10Hengstberger Symposium - Programme Online
2132282011-01-03Estimation of Aboveground Biomass in Alpine Forests
2232102009-09-01Management of Cloud of Points
2331972012-04-15GIS and LiDAR workshop at UC Berkeley
2431952011-05-06New member in LiDAR Research Group Heidelberg
2531672014-06-17 Successful field trips of the laser scanning course
2631622015-06-25First Arctic Expedition for 3D Earth Observation of Permafrost (Mackenzie Delta, Canada) within our PermaSAR Project
2730862011-02-01Global Network - ALS for 3D Vegetation Characterization
2830652011-03-05Roughness Mapping using State-of-the-Art Laser Scanning Technology
2930612011-07-113D Stone Sutras in China: Web-based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
3030572012-01-11New Paper: Urban vegetation detection using full-waveform airborne LiDAR data

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